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Since its prophetic inception, the Brigham Young University–Hawai'i community has worked to fulfill its mandate–to produce peace-builders and leaders in a multicultural, Christ-centered environment. With such diversity, located in the historic pu'uhonua (place of refuge) of La'ie, BYU–Hawaii is a unique and sacred place of learning. As such, it is our kuleana (stewardship) as faculty, staff, and students to cultivate a healthy learning environment, one that encourages excellence, promotes respect and appreciation for cultural differences, and inspires a love for God and all people.

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Prepare Prepare

To be successful, preparation is key. Before class, study the course material and develop a solid understanding of it. Try to construct an understanding of the big picture and how each of the ideas and concepts relate to each other. Where appropriate use study groups to improve yours and others understanding of the material.  More

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When attending class actively participate in discussions and ask questions. Test your ideas out with others and be open to their ideas and insights as well. As you leave class ask yourself, "Was class better because I was there today.? More

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Reflect on learning experiences and allow them to shape you into a more complete person; be willing to change your position or perspective on a certain subject. Take new risks and seek further opportunities to learn. More

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