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A portrait of Sister Johnson smiling at the camera with blurred green plants in the background.

Ravae Johnson

Off Island Missionary
Faculty of Education & Social Work

Teacher Education Building, Room 121

Elder Williams and Sister Ravae Johnson are from Tempe, Arizona. They have four married children and 16 grandchildren. They have lived in Indiana, Kansas, and Arizona. Ravae was born in Salt Lake City then lived in Indiana and Mississippi. They have called Arizona their home for over 50 years.

Ravae enjoys reading and traveling. Bill and Ravae are both retired educators. Ravae retired a couple of years ago from her position as the coordinator for the district’s gifted and talented program.

As missionaries, they are serving as the ITEP coordinators for the Pacific Island schools in collaboration with the Seminaries and Institutes and BYU–Hawaii. The International Teacher Education Program (ITEP) is a partnership created to provide teacher certification in the Pacific Islands. The ITEP courses are taught by experienced senior missionary educators who are adjunct BYUH professors. This program provides teachers with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to improve teacher effectiveness and increase student learning.

Under normal conditions, they would be serving from the Pacific Area office in New Zealand and the senior ITEP missionaries that they serve would be on-site among the Church’s 15 schools located among Kiribati, Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga. Until borders open, they will be at BYUH working with the Teacher Education Program that oversees the ITEP curriculum and issues the ITEP teacher certificates. They will continue to support ITEP missionaries who are teaching courses online and serving remotely from Utah, South Carolina, Idaho, and Nevada.