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Portrait of Celine Duffau

Celine Duffau

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Sciences

Science Building 314
55-220 Kulanui Street, Bldg. 5
Laie, Hawaii 96762

Celine said she has been impressed by the special spirit she has felt on the BYU–Hawaii campus during her employment process and cannot wait to be part of the wonderful community in her mission to help students become better critical thinkers and worldwide leaders.

She will teach introduction to psychology and introduction to biology beginning the semester of Fall 2022.


BS in Psychology, emphasis in Biopsychology, Université de Rennes 2, France, 2014
MS in Biology, Neuroscience, Université de Bordeaux, France, 2016
PhD in Biology, Neuroscience, on memory consolidation processes, Université de Bordeaux, France, 2019

Teaching Fall 2023:
BIOL 100 - Introduction to Biology
PSYC 111 - General Psychology
PSYC 375 - Cognitive Psychology

Psychology Program Biology Program