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Jacob Jackson. Special Instructor at BYU-Hawaii.

Jacob Jackson

Associate Professor
Faculty of Arts & Letters

Teaching philosophy

Starting in ’01 Brother Jackson has been teaching art to students of a wide variety of ages and abilities. One of his great joys as a teacher is helping students find the potential they didn’t realize they had. He uses a project-based teaching method that is focused on meeting each student where they are and helping them reach and even exceed their perceived potential. Brother Jackson guides students toward defining their artistic style and aesthetic sensibility by sharing a global and eclectic array of artists and theories on art-making. Through research, practice, and discussion his students gain an understanding of the art world and how they fit into it as an individual. 


Jacob Jackson has been involved in the field of ceramics since 1995 when he started working as a studio potter at FireWorks Ceramics on the North Shore of Oahu. Since then he has sold work made in clay and wood in galleries, online and through art exhibitions. In addition to this, he has taught at Kahuku High and Intermediate, Castle High School, Windward Community College, the University of Hawaii and Brigham Young University Hawaii. Brother Jackson earned his BFA from BYU-H and his MFA from UH-M. 

Creative work

Brother Jackson creates functional and conceptual work in clay, wood and various other mediums. The aesthetic elements of his work are deeply connected to the ocean and mountains around his home on the Northeast side of Oahu. With his conceptual work Brother Jackson often investigates the semiotic meaning of functional objects and how that meaning can be used to explore relevant social topics. Brother Jackson also enjoys drawing, painting, and figure sculpture.