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Mark Cannon

Faculty of Sciences

McKay Classroom Building Room 138D

(808) 675-3803

Research Interests:
Redox control of enzyme active sites. Engineering of fluorescent protein-based biosensors. SO2 gas detection in solution.

Professional Development:

  • 2010 – Present Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Physical Sciences Department, Brigham Young University-Hawaii
  • 2005 – 2010 Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Physical Sciences Department, Brigham Young University-Hawaii
  • 2000 – 2005 Ph.D., Biochemistry, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon
  • 1996 – 2000 B.S., Chemistry, Utah State University, Logan, Utah

Current Classes:

    • CHEM 101 – Introduction to General Chemistry
    • CHEM 105 – General Chemistry I
    • CHEM 105L – General Chemistry I Laboratory and Recitation
    • CHEM 106 – General Chemistry II
    • CHEM 106L – General Chemistry II Laboratory and Recitation
    • CHEM 326 – Analytical Biochemistry
    • CHEM 326L – Analytical Biochemistry Laboratory
    • CHEM 381 – Biochemistry I
    • CHEM 468 – Physical Biochemistry
    • CHEM 468L – Physical Biochemistry Laboratory
    • PHSC 100 – Principles of Physical Science

    Research Group:

    Current members:

    Concordia Lo

    Jason Oswald

    Past members:

    Abel Narayan

    Ben Toone

    Carlton Taylor

    Chuan-hsi David Hung

    Hiroko Kobayashi

    Kelera Lutumaiwasa

    Kimberly Bushnell

    Marty Trockel

    Megan Campbell

    Michael Voorhees

    Takuma Aoba

    Tanielle Bench

    Tupou Havea


    • Cannon, M.B., Remington, S.J. (2008) Redox-sensitive green fluorescent protein: probes for dynamic intracellular redox responses, A Review. In Redox-Mediated Signal Transduction (Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol 476) Hancock, J.T., Editor; Springer (Humana Press): New York, 2008.
    • Cannon, M.B., Remington, S. J. (2006) Re-engineering redox-sensitive green fluorescent protein for improved response rate.Protein Sci. 15, 45–57.
    • Hanson, G. T., Aggeler, R., Oglesbee, D., Cannon, M, Capaldi, R. A., Tsien, R. Y., and Remington, S. J. (2004) Investigating mitochondrial redox potential with redox-sensitive green fluorescent protein indicators. J. Biol. Chem. 279, 13044–13053.