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Elder Browns Portrait

Robert Brown

Church Missionary


The Browns are from Sterling, Colorado on the far northeastern plains where severe storms have brought twin twisters, flooding, and softball size hail in the weeks shortly after their arrival in Hawaii.

They have 8 children (2 daughters and 6 sons) with 11 grandchildren. One of the oldest grandsons is currently serving in the Raleigh North Carolina Spanish speaking mission. They also have 8 dogs and 3 cats.

Elder Brown has been the Director of Human Resources for the City of Sterling for the last 10 1/2 years and Sister Brown was the Logan County Chamber of Commerce Director for 7 months prior to their mission call. For 5 years prior to that, Sister Brown served as an academic adviser for Morgan Community College.

Elder Brown is serving at BYUH as a Human Resource Specialist. Sister Brown is serving Residential Life as the RA Cleaning and Maintenance Services Coordinator and serves in other departments as requested.

An interesting fact is that their oldest sons are named Jared and were born in May.