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Elder Scannell Portrait

Robert Scannell


Elder Scannell was born and raised in Malden, Massachusetts, a Boston suburb. Sister Scannell was born and raised in Paterson and then Cedar Grove, New Jersey.

The Scannell’s have 6 children (four girls and two boys) and 13 grandchildren (6 girls and 5 boys) with two on the way (one of each). Their children are spread out around the mainland, including a son with two children in the Sacramento, California area; a daughter, who is expecting her first child in Northern California near Mount Shasta; a daughter with four children in Mt. Vernon, Washington; a son with three children in Rexburg, Idaho; a daughter still hoping for her first child in Bloomington, Indiana; and a daughter with four children and a fifth (and final) on the way in the beautiful lakes region of New Hampshire, which was where the Scannell’s were living when they were called.

Elder Scannell had an eclectic career that started as a professional actor, singer and director. Later, after joining the Church and serving a mission, he married Sister Scannell and while raising a family, went back to school and earned a bachelor’s degree in music education. He then taught music in both private and public schools, during which time he earned his master’s at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey. While teaching, he created programs from scratch or resuscitated struggling programs. Elder Scannell retired in 2011 due to a serious illness. Most recently he was substitute teaching.

Sister Scannell worked for years as a project manager within the high tech, oil and gas drilling and retail oil and gas industries.

Over the years Elder Scannell has attended classes at seven universities and learned how to be a good student even when he had little time to study. Elder Scannell is looking forward to sharing many of the skills he learned to help struggling students be more successful. He also enjoys conducting and writing arrangements for choir, band and symphony as well as singing.

Sister Scannell loves hiking; being in the forest is her Zen. She also enjoys swimming in lakes and oceans if the temperature is approaching bath water. She is a recovering sugar addict. Sister Scannell has a special love and concern for anyone on the fringes of our church for whatever reason. One of her favorite things is to hear Elder Scannell sing (he sings like an angel) which doesn’t occur nearly enough.

The Scannell’s serve as Academic Success Missionaries.