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William Zundel Portrait

William Zundel

Church Missionary


The Zundel's most recently are from Provo, Utah. Elder Zundel grew up in a small town in Northern California called Oroville (80 miles north of Sacramento). Sister Zundel was born in Mesa Arizona and lived there until she went to College at BYU-Provo.

The Zundel's met at BYU-Provo and have lived in Marietta, Georgia; Chubbuck, Idaho; Mesa, Arizona; Galveston, Texas (taught at UTMB); Ogden, Utah (taught at Weber State); and Provo, Utah (taught at BYU-Provo).

They have 6 children and 16 grandchildren, all now living in Utah (two in Highland, one in Orem, one in Pleasant Grove, one in Cottonwood Heights with their youngest living in their home while the Zundel's serve their mission).

Elder Zundel worked in Hospital and Clinical Laboratories for 11 years before he began teaching Laboratory Medicine for the next 26 years. Sister Zundel has been home with the children and has taught swim lessons for 15 years.

Elder Zundel used to love playing sports for fun (basketball, softball, tennis) and now plays pickleball occasionally. He loves the outdoors and claims he watches too many movies. Elder Zundel discovered a love of teaching during his mission in the Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh mission.

Sister Zundel likes to bake, especially sourdough bread. She learned how to do plumbing/building from her dad and is a little bit of a handy-woman.

The Zundels serve as Academic Success Missionaries.