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Quality Education at an Affordable Price

Affordability at BYU–Hawaii starts with some of the lowest tuition rates in the nation when compared to other private comprehensive universities—an amazing feat considering its location in one of the country’s most expensive states. Online class options, offered at an even lower rate, also allow students to access a quality BYU–Hawaii education from anywhere in the world. Beyond these already low costs, over 70% of students receive some form of financial aid. The University offers a variety of scholarships, including many from private philanthropists. Federal aid is available through Pell Grants, Stafford Loans,and Parent PLUS Loans. Many students earn additional funds through part-time employment on campus and at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

BYU–Hawaii also offers a unique financial aid program for eligible international students who could not otherwise afford an education. This program, known as I-WORK, offers a 50 percent grant and 50 percent forgivable loan to qualified international students. In exchange, I-WORK participants agree to maintain full-time status, act in high moral standing, and contribute to the cost of their education through workstudy opportunities. I-WORK enables graduates to return to their home country debt-free and qualified to provide leadership in church, civic, and social affiliations, and within their families.