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"Hail Alma Mater"

Words by Joseph Spurrier, Music by Johannes Brahms

Hail Alma Mater
Thou wilt ever light our way.
On, ever onward, with Crimson, Gold, and Gray.
Long may thy name bring honor and fame
Thy praises ever ring,
All hail to thee from mountain to sea,
The Church College of Hawaii

Hail Alma Mater
We pledge our love to thee,
Thy firm foundation our strength shall ever be.
Virtue and truth be crown of our youth
Our loyalty ere be thine,
All hail to thee from mountain to sea,
Our BYU–Hawaii!

"BYU–Hawaii Fight Song"

Crimson, Gold and Grey
On we go to crush the foe
For we win each and ev'ry day
Hail our Alma Mater
We'll be ever true
We will fight both day and night for B-Y-U!