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portrait of Po Nein Chou wearing a black suit and a blue tie

Po Nien Chou

Faculty of Religious Education

Stake Center 182D

Po Nien (Felipe) Chou is a professor for the BYU-Hawaii religion faculty. He earned a BS from GWU and an MS and Ph.D. from BYU. He has had a variety of teaching and administrative assignment with the Seminaries and Institutes, Correlation Research Division, Church History Library, BYU, and BYUH. He has conducted over 180 studies for the Church and published various peer review articles on the history of the church, including the book, “Voice of the Saints in Taiwan.”

His research focuses on the global worldwide history of the Church and the translation of the Book of Mormon into the various languages of the world.

He served in various callings, including missionary in the California Ventura Mission, bishop, high councilor, mission presidency, temple ordinance worker, church history advisor, and church curriculum, working on the first “Come, Follow Me” curriculum.

He was born in Taiwan and grew up in Brazil, before living in the US where he was baptized one week after meeting the missionaries of the Church. He speaks multiple languages and loves the variety of food, people, languages, and cultures of the world.

He married his wife, Petra Sin, in the Hong Kong China Temple. She has worked with him on many articles and books and she is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Utah State University.

Their greatest blessing is their testimony of Jesus Christ and the restored gospel, their love for one another, and their four children—Joseph, Jesse, Joshua, Johannah.