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Photo of Yifen Beus

Yifen Beus

Associate Academic Vice President for Faculty
Faculty of Arts & Letters

McKay Classroom Building Room 185H


Research Interests

Dr. Beus's work is situated at the crossroad of cinema & literary studies, and like that of most comparatists, her intellectual identity rests within several disciplines & national literatures. Her fields of research interest include comparative literature, theatre & film studies, cultural studies, and inter-arts studies. Since coming to BYUH, she has been engaged in the following topics: modernity in visual culture, intertextuality and reflexivity in art and literature, cultural/national identity & globalization, and indigenous story-telling, covering Sinophone and Francophone areas studies. Her current research studies indigenous storytelling in Pacific narrative cinemas.


PhD, Comparative Literature, Indiana University
MA, Theatre & Film, Brigham Young University
BA, English, National Chengchi University


Dr. Beus's teaching reflects the interdisciplinary nature of her training that cuts across different cultures, theories, media & genres. Courses she has taught include, Introduction to Film, Post-colonial Literature & Film, Women's Literature & Film, Cultures of Asia, Cultures of Europe, and Chinese language courses. She experiments with methodologies & upholds a Deleuzian open-ended teaching philosophy by encouraging & often requiring students to utilize a number of creative genres & formats in research & writing. Typical student assignments range from curatorial projects, art-making, ethnography, critical journal entries, to videos, creative fiction, & research papers to allow students to explore & examine different narrative voices, forms, & levels of authorial control & authority associated with different media and genres.

Current Classes

  • FILM 102: Introduction to Film
  • ART/HUM 442: Aesthetics/Philosophy of Art
  • ENGL 358R/FILM 365R: Special Studies in World Cinema
  • CHIN 311: Advanced Conversation
  • HUM 100R: Exploring Humanities
  • HUM 302: Cultures of Asia



Towards a Paradoxical Theatre: Schlegelian Irony in German and French Romantic Drama, 1797–1843, Bern & New York: Peter Lang, 2003

Journal Articles

"The Force Awakens: Mana as Causal Agent in Pacific Narrative Cinemas," New Zealand and Pacific Studies Journal, 6.2 (2018): 121-136.

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Book Chapters

“Redemption Songs: Musical Moments in Joseph Gaï Ramaka’s Karmen Geï (2001) and Flora Gomes’s Nha Fala (2002),” in The Sight of Sound: When Music Takes Over in Film, eds. Phil Powrie, Claus Tieber and Anna K. Windisch, Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming (2021)

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Chapters/Entries in Encyclopedia/Sourcebooks

“Novels and Memoirs”, The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration, ed. Immanuel Ness, Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley-Blackwell, 2013

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Book Reviews

“Review of Huihui: Navigating Art and Literature in the Pacific,” edited by Jeffrey Carroll, Brandy Nalani McDougall, Georganne Nordstrom, Journal of New Zealand & Pacific Studies (5.1, 2017): pp. 104-106.

“Review of The Black Pacific: Anti-Colonial Struggles and Oceanic Connections” by Robbie Shilliam. Journal of New Zealand & Pacific Studies (4.1, 2016): pp. 76-77.

Film Program Visual Arts Program Integrated Humanities Program